GardenSK8 will be closing this location Friday night February 28th

We will be posting details on our FB page how GardenSK8 will continue to serve the skateboarding community going forward. The skatepark has provided a place for kids to not only learn how to skate, but has served as a place for anyone at any age to feel safe and accepted while having fun.

How many of you learned how to skate, nailed your first trick, learned a new trick, made a best friend, toured with a team, got tattooed, drove 3 hours to skate, had a bachelor party, got sponsored, casted for a TV show, went into labor, had your first kiss, needed a ride to the bus stop, or that never forget moment @gardensk8 ?

We hosted countless graffiti installations, art shows, national TV shows, commercials, movies, music videos, radio shows, fashion shoots, celebrity sessions, scum sessions, team demos, countless contests, music festivals, fund raisers, charity events, car shows, brand launches, birthday parties, field trips, nonprofit events, class reunions, field trips, hurricane housing, cheap baby sitting, summer camps and much much more.

We are aware of the importance and responsibility that comes with GardenSK8’s position in the skateboarding community and are encouraging everyone to stop by this month to hear what we are doing to keep this going.

Thank you to all the moms, dads, baby whateveas, sponsors, vendors, professional skaters, actors, performers, promoters, directors, brand managers, location scouts, nonprofits, graffiti artists, camp directors, musicians, celebrities and most importantly the skaters for making GardenSK8 so much more than a skatepark.

Love Bossman, Holly, Lil’B, Dylan, Vegas the dog, Gorgi the Iguana, Mike Diaz, Hot Pocket Matt, The Farmers, Snow and all the artists that will be pissed that I don’t name them ALL, the skate dads, hippy moms, gaspipe, bands without fans, the landlords spys, Frank Zappa, >>>NIZYO <<, Evil Rob the grip tape guru, Doctor Crab, police for not being called in 5 years, NOT Hurricane Irene or my motorcycle accident, the vending guy, fake skate shops, The Skate Bungalow, Team Bossman, my couch surfing pros, moms and dads helped when help was needed, my mom for cleaning the toilets, NOT the guy who wouldn’t fix the heat, anyone who got hurt and didn’t sue, the campers, anyone that volunteered in any way, NOT the guy who programmed everyone’s GPS to the river behind the park, and Mrs. Deegan (inside joke). tag away

“You may be able to take a skateboard from a skater, but you’ll never be able to take his skateboarding”